Sunhwa salty at Hana’s words on ‘YamanTV’, clarifies on fancafe & TSE makes statement


Hana was on the recent episode of ‘YamanTV‘ that Chanmi and Choa were on, and during the show she talked about how SECRET are when they drink. Hana basically says that when Sunhwa gets drunk, she starts to complain and whine about the whole world.

Sunhwa? She saw that and talked about it on Twitter.

Sunhwa says they drank a couple times a few years back and she confided in them that she was upset about her ditsy image (on ‘Invincible Youth‘, primarily), and said that she’s resentful of Hana describing it like she was unhappy with the universe. Then she clarifies that they drank together once.

So … ok. But as we all know, taking complaints to social media is rarely a great idea, so she went to the fancafe to clarify.


Unlike what the fans are all thinking, should we call this ‘finding the hidden picture’? I didn’t post the writing up because I was offended but ‘she has a lot of dissatisfactions with the world’ had taken me aback. I, who also knows about variety shows to a certain extent, know variety is just variety, but I only spoke to Hana about my hardships three years ago to receive advice. If this had been a problem that we could have resolved privately not now but a long time ago, I would not have had to restate it on Twitter. In regards to my posting this, I just hope you are aware that there are a lot of parts that the fans don’t know about.

So primarily Sunhwa was just displeased that she confided in Hana privately about the character she got stuck with, but Hana blasted it out and made a joke over it years later and it struck a chord. Not a big deal, but that said, for her to go on about this, it does seem to an extent like she’s about done with the group or that the group is/was/has always been having internal issues. That’s not necessarily surprising either, but for idols to go public with it is rare, and pulling back the illusion for everybody to see rarely ends well.


TS Entertainment released a statement on the matter.

Speaking with media outlets, a rep from the agency was straight to the point, firmly stating, “There is no discord among SECRET. It’s not that Hana and Sunhwa have a bad relationship… Sunhwa simply uploaded those words out of concern that a remark Hana made on a variety show might reflect her in that way and cause misunderstanding among the public who might think her personality is really like that.”

Another rep added, “Sunhwa was merely trying to clarify Hana’s words. There is no discord between them.”

I partially believe that while also questioning whether it’s really best to bring even more attention to it. Regardless, seems pretty certain they aren’t exactly lovey dovey with each other, but eh.


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