Netizen being sued for insulting Jun. K’s dad’s death, really doesn’t like 2PM


One netizen really doesn’t like 2PM, and JYP Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against that person for years of alleged insults about their looks, their families, and things along those lines.

One comment in particular is said to have led to this lawsuit, though, and it was about Jun. K‘s deceased father.

The one comment that really sparked this action is about 2PM’s Jun.K’s father that read, “I congratulate the accused Kim Min Joon on the day of his father’s death ^^ Congratulations on the death of your father ^^ Congratulations on getting your condolence money ^^”

In JYP Entertainment’s official statement, it says, “[The netizen] also uploaded a gruesome picture of skulls and remaining ashes, calling it the body of Kim Min Joon’s [Jun.K’s] father. This kind of action is downright unacceptable in society.”

These stories always end up providing a nice answer for questions like, “But why would some random person just make-up rumors about random celebrities!”

Because people are assholes. Always.


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