Artsy Fartsy: Fashion culture in Primary’s “Mannequin” MV a rising trend


We’re aware of the obvious meanings behind Primary‘s “Mannequin” music video, which IATFB pointed out on in a previous article. But the topic I want to address is using fashion as a concept in a music video, or at least as an underlying topic.


If you’ve been living under a rock, fashion culture is becoming a trend — maybe not so new for South Korea itself, but international fans are now becoming acutely aware of it. And I’m not talking about theatrical outfits/costumes, but items seen on catwalks. From K-idols doing a Kanye West and performing at Seoul Fashion Week to fashion reality show contests, and now fashion-themed music videos, fashion culture is rapidly expanding into our consciousness.


Due to the spread of fashion culture and the subsequent international recognition, we now have five fashion designers openly advertising their collections in a Primary music video: Big Park, KYE, Steve P & Yoni J, Bourie, and Exclusive_Seoul. Quite frankly, it was only time something like this would happen, and so who more appropriate to bring this trend to music videos than Primary?

Besides the aspect of actually showcasing their designs in music videos, the names of all five designers are listed on the window, which makes for a clever way to get some exposure from those who notice … like me. I’m hoping others follow Primary’s lead, not just because seeing actual runway designs in music videos is awesome, but this is a forward-thinking idea, at least for the time being. Plus, brands already like to merchandise within K-pop communities given the passion (good or bad) that exists, and it’s a way of giving the creators credit for their work instead of, say, ripping off said work.

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