[BREAKING] [EXCLUSIVE] EXID bullying scandal intensifies as LE vandalizes Hani pic *CUMS*


EXID have already been previously caught bullying member Hyerin, but the conflict within the group apparently has expanded to all members, as LE was recently discovered defacing a picture of Hani!



Is this jealousy that perhaps stems from Hani’s status or maybe Junghwa‘s ability to eat from the top of trees? Did their egos all get too big to fit in one group? Does this stem from Solji shading Hyerin’s new tan by working with Well Done Potato?

When will EXID be brought to justice for being negative role models for THE CHILDREN?!

It’s only a matter of time before Korean netizens catch on and make elaborate Pann posts about EXID’s blatant bullying, right? I already see the group members on Instagram tweeting out pictures of other group members doing dumb things and making ugly faces, which we all know from T-ara‘s scandal means all of it has malicious iljin intent. We also know it’s all definitely fighting because women are insane bitches that can never get along.

Stay tuned to Asian Junkie for updates!

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