EXO-L threatens to bomb Big Bang’s concert in Philippines, so now we’re talkin’


Big Bang versus EXO has been off to a slow start, with not much controversy being had apart from mundane controversies. However, thanks to a clutch EXO-L, we might be getting back into the game in the #ClusterfuckBowl2015.

Recently, an EXO-L has issued a bomb threat to an Big Bang concert soon to be held in the Philippines, and it has gained the attention of promoters.


Even better, EXO-L’s are in full defense mode since this is now going viral around the internet. It’s the best, because it leads to comments like, “Oh but both sides have sent death threats.” You know, like that should be the obvious status quo of fandoms, which is around the time I figure you lose touch with reality.

Of course, nothing will come of this (I think), but I honestly expected a constantly flow of shit like this, and so far all we’ve gotten is one lame Chanyeol controversy. Thanks to this EXO-L, however, now we’re getting somewhere.



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