AOA’s Chanmi gets nailed to a cross for playing a game correctly with SECRET’s Hana


A bunch of Korean netizens that flipped out at iljin super thug Chanmi allegedly crossing the line in insulting Hana caused a bunch of international netizens to likewise flip-out over a game that’s been played since it was started for the show ‘X Man‘ back in the day.

During a game of ‘Of Course/Dangyeonhaji’, Chanmi asked questions to Hana like, “Unni, you have the worst proportions in SECRET, right?”, “Unni, you’ve been having a hard time because you have no work, right?”, “You;’ve never kissed a man, right?”

So Korean netizens saw that excerpt and piled on, talking about how Chanmi is a bitch and such. Then international netizens, unfamiliar with the game and not realizing that the Korean netizens who comment on this shit already hate Chanmi and everybody else in AOA besides like Choa (because who could?), started to say, “Holy fuck, that crosses the line! Who disses publicly like that?!”

Of course, the problem with all that logic is dissing is the point of the whole game, and both sides shit on each other.

Hana: “You’re uglier than me, right?”
Chanmi: “Of course.”
C: “Aren’t you the one with the worst body proportions in SECRET?”
H: “Of course.”
H: “You’re jealous of Seolhyun, aren’t you?”
C: “Of course.”
C: “You’re having a hard time because you have no work, right?”
H: “Of course.”
H: “You were with a guy last night, right?”
C: “Of course.”
C: “You’ve never kissed a guy, have you?”

At that point Hana tapped out and lost.

There is no actual controversy other than Hana tapping out on some weak-ass shit.

Come the fuck on, at least Lee Sung Jin tapped out after declaring a torrid one-sided stalker love affair with Bada and that he was plotting to kick out his business partner for her:


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