EXO’s desperate manager tweets “Love Me Right” MV to about a trillion Western celebs


An EXO manager has been busy on Twitter recently, basically being the most thirsty self-promoter in the history of the universe, spamming the “Love Me Right” music video to any Western star with an audience that SM Entertainment has determined may also likely have favorable reactions to EXO.

Here is the basic template:


And here’s the full list of celebrities that template was sent to, in order:

Justin Timberlake
JC Chasez
Chris Kirkpatrick
Joey Fatone
Lance Bass
Jordan Knight
Joey McIntyre
Donnie Wahlberg
Danny Wood
Jonathan Knight-Rodr
Brian Littrell
Nick Carter
Kevin Richardson
Howie D
A.J. McLean
Taylor Swift
Christina Aguilera
Katy Perry
Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian
Lady Gaga
Ariana Grande
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton

Gotta admit, props to him for prioritizing and getting Justin Timberlake on there first and putting Paris Hilton last.

But man … this is so goddamn pathetic with the pretending he is just some random objective third party.


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