Dahyun & Tzuyu from ‘SIXTEEN’ better be in Twice + uncle fan yells in Japanese to Mina


Honestly, I don’t even watch ‘SIXTEEN‘, so I don’t know what’s going on with the show, but I do know that I’m not gonna give a shit about that Twice group unless it has both Dahyun and Tzuyu in it.

So weird and cute.



Even Korean netizens can’t make Chinese traitor/shower jokes about Tzuyu yet. The visual is just too overpowering, like with Victoria.


Also, in perhaps the best thing to come out of this, here’s Natty, Somi, and Mina performing on the streets…

…and the thing to pay attention to is that uncle fan who shouts at Mina (who is Japanese), “Anata wa kirei desu!”

Dude has watched so much anime to prepare him for that moment.

I will not get invested in this show/group. I promise. I think.


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