AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki and Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS probably boned a whole bunch


AKB48‘s Kashiwagi Yuki is the new #2 in the group, and as a reward for her accomplishment, Shunkan Bunshun dropped a photograph of NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya getting handsy with her.

It is quite clear by looking at the photo that the two have a relationship in which they meet with each other secretly. The man in a yukata brings himself near to Kashiwagi as if to embrace her, and the two face the camera, holding up a peace sign. According to Bunshun, it has been confirmed that the photos were taken from fall of 2013 to the beginning of 2014.

Does this matter to me? No. Is this surprising at all? No. Should it matter to anybody with a life? No.

But it could matter to wotas, and I just hope this doesn’t end up with her shaving her head.


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