EXO-L burns pic of Taeyang and implores Big Bang to die, is now denying everything


Blessed EXO-L are continuing to give this Big Bang/EXO “war” life, with one EXO-L uploading a video of her burning a picture of Taeyang in her sink and imploring Big Bang to die.

The video shows the words “Die bigbang!” while EXO’s debut song “MAMA” is playing in the background. The individual records using a lighter to set a picture of BIGBANG’s Taeyang on fire in a sink.

A YG Entertainment choreographer found it, regrammed it, and commented, “It’s an insult not only for me but the whole yg Entertainment !! ..???????? People are soooooooo fucking crazy ???? i don’t know why they hate big bang? I respect Exo, so please stop this shit people Exo & bigbang are one ✔.

Unfortunately, I was too late to save the video, but if any of you could find it, that would be wonderful.

Anyway, I’m not gonna link the Instagram of the EXO-L in question, but after the backlash she went into full panic mode and now has like three apologies/explanations up, talking about how it wasn’t her video or some shit like that. Like somebody just STUMBLES upon a video like that, and then to point out how fucked up it is, re-uploads it to their own account. Right. Or instead of writing all the apologetic shit, why not just link us to the original instead then? Come on.

It’s okay, man. Everybody already knows EXO-L are fucking unstable and potentially dangerous.



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