WWE’s Xavier Woods tweets about SHINee while EXO’s manager begs Joey Fatone for promo


While EXO‘s manager is busy tweetingLove Me Right” to Joey Fatone and other 50-year-old Western (former) pop artists, SHINee has scored a random endorsement from WWE superstar Xavier Woods.

Back on May 30, he tweeted out that he was loving “Juliette, which hey, could’ve been a lost bet or a troll or something, right? But yesterday he followed that up by tweeting out his love for “Symptoms as well.



This is amazing.

While EXO really have nothing to do with it, I had to drag them into this because I couldn’t NOT mention the contrast here. Besides, how long until like EXO’s, CL‘s, and other K-pop fandoms figure out he’s open to K-pop and then start bombarding him with stuff he SHOULD be listening to instead, thus quickly driving him away from K-pop forever when he realizes these Asians be crazy?

Also, PSY aside, SHINee now officially has more crossover into my real-life Twitter feed than basically the rest of K-pop combined (I think BABYMETAL leads by a significant margin, but still). Take from that info what you will.


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