CL shows why a song was written about her ass, takes stage in a thong at Ultra Korea


CL performed at ‘Ultra Korea‘ yesterday and she took the stage in an outfit that essentially showed her bare ass.


She’s getting shit for it from Korean netizens, but fuck them as usual, as personally I can only encourage her to show her nice ass more often.

IN RELATED NEWS, Genius Nochang‘s dick has exploded and he has perished from blood loss.



All that said, this is hilarious because I remember how 2NE1 fans would always talk shit about other girl groups needing use their looks to appeal to fans, so now seeing CL reaching almost the final form of Asian Iggy Azalea must be resulting in some internal conflict at least.

But most importantly, does her ass look nice because she worked at it a bit more/bought a little extra or is it just cause she’s actually showing it out in the open now?


Either way, this trend in dressing can only help her in America, right? Like Korea will give her shit for it, but they all find her disgusting looks-wise anyway, so it makes sense to not give a shit about them.


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