Uji is so damn perfect in “So Good”, which makes sense since Satan was behind it


Uji featuring Chad Future (who sold his soul to Satan or whatever) is something that you would never think would result in anything good, but “So Good” was actually pretty solid.

Okay, Chad Future can’t rap, really. But on this track he’s not much worse than the typical Korean idol rapper, and that’s enough for me to pretend he doesn’t exist and bow at Uji’s feet.

Uji is flawless and executes the vocal feature on a rap track as I thought she could/should do with regularity, at least until she can get more attention. She’s a two-for-one because she can do the quality vocal AND serve as a better video girl than the basic chicks all these rappers put in their videos. Just do it, goddammit.

Overall, I still don’t know what makes Chad Future K-pop exactly, but if I had the money to self-finance a date music video with Uji, I’d do it daily, so it’s hard to blame him. And given that this is his least annoying song to date, thanks in large part to Uji, I actually don’t hate this with the fury of a thousand suns. Better than being forced to listen to Don Mills rapping at least.


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