Red Velvet’s Irene, MERS, and grad pic connected by the most shameless journalist ever


Recently there was a report about the MERS outbreak in Korea that has taken the country by storm (read about it here), and it involved a picture of Red Velvet‘s Irene. Confusing, right?

Well, read the story for yourself.

Daegu has been put in state of emergency after the first MERS patient has appeared. Amidst this ordeal, Red Velvet’s Irene who was born in Daegu has been receiving attention.

Recently in one online community’s board, a posting titled ‘Red Velvet Graduation Picture’ has showed with text and image. The picture revealed was the graduation photo of Irene boasting good looks with little change. With pale face and defined features, she was once recognized as ‘Daegu’s Ulzzang’.

On the other hand, Daegu’s MERS patient A went to the local clinic in Daegu after showing symptoms of the MERS virus. The virus was confirmed after two tests have returned positive.

If you got to the end of that and asked yourself “Wait, what the FUCK does this have to do with Irene, her school picture, or her beauty?” then congrats, you’re a functional human being.

Yes really, the “journalist” somehow just found a way to try and shoehorn in Irene’s graduation photo beauty and her being from Daegu into a story about a MERS patient from Daegu.

Is it really any wonder why the generally unjustified media hysteria about MERS has spread? Nah.


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