G-Dragon just spoke the truth about Big Bang/SHINee/EXO, but his music sucks so whatever


A bunch of people have been asking me recently to give my HOT TAEK on G-Dragon talking about the difference between Big Bang and SHINee/EXO, presumably because there’s been a bunch of fighting and arguing about it between fandoms. But honestly? The reason I didn’t address it immediately was because: 1) I didn’t think it would end up being that big of a deal and 2) there hasn’t been any insane fandom action being taken … yet.

Either way, here’s the comments he made:


Um, so what is the problem, exactly? There’s nothing malicious in what G-Dragon said, nor was there a lie, really. SHINee and EXO fans are upset at G-Dragon for basically stating the truth. Sure, SHINee has gotten more freedom with their music recently (Jonghyun, especially), but they’ve undoubtedly been doing it for shorter of a period than Big Bang, and EXO certainly doesn’t have that freedom yet (or any freedom ever).

While it’s also true that Teddy has written/produced probably a ton of the shit for Big Bang over the years that he ends up “sharing” with members so they could further their TRUE ARTISTZ image crap, Big Bang also do pretty obviously make more of their own music. And I can say “pretty obviously” because after a certain point everything G-Dragon touched started to sound like G-Dragon’s sound, which means it sounded like shit because he ruined it.

In related news, making your own music doesn’t mean it’s GOOD music, which is important because when it comes to relatively disposable pop music I personally couldn’t care less who made it if it sounds like asshole, and thus I’d take ‘Odd‘ over ‘MADE‘ so far in a heartbeat. Besides, G-Dragon’s honesty about SHINee and EXO is something to be praised, not discouraged, which is why it would be equally fine if Jonghyun wanted to reply, “G-Dragon is an incredibly overrated rapper that has been coasting on reputation and quirkiness for a while now. Unfortunately, his sound has become reduced to aping whatever Western trend is currently popular and thus he ends up crafting a derivative sound that resembles diarrhea raining down from the heavens into a sound studio, so it’s not like his music is inspired anyway.” More of those types of back-and-forths would be glorious, actually.

Anyway, regardless of my personal opinion of the music he makes, G-Dragon shouldn’t stop speaking the truth, nor should he ever consider taking anything he said back, because what he did was awesome. K-pop could use more drama between the artists/idols, not less, because it’s a hell of a lot more fun this way when SOMEBODY shows ANY kind of honesty instead of becoming a cliche machine. And at the end of the day, G-Dragon said nothing wrong, so instead of getting pissed off about it like a bunch of angsty tweens, SHINee/EXO fans should either encourage their biases to speak the truth as well or just deal with his comments as being generally on point and move on with your day knowing that at least what G-Dragon produces is shitty tripe.


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