‘Crime Scene 2’ episode 12 with English subs has the real deal and references galore


Crime Scene 2‘ is back with episode 12, and like I mentioned in the last recap, the show is bringing on a professor of crime science and the cast members are playing … themselves.


Sorry, but I was cracking up reading this disclaimer for the episode:


The fact that they felt they needed to spell this out to people is extremely telling.

Look, you absolute morons, they are STILL acting.

Oh yeah, the case is about one of them murdering the producer of ‘Crime Scene 2’.



Hong Jin Ho was being replaced on the show by BoxeR, his eternal rival.


PD was using Lee Byung Hun‘s lines.


Hani, iljin thug.



Jang Dong Min was getting hate mail from EXO-L all around the world for shitting on Xiumin.





Basically, the references and callbacks were out of control this week, which is exactly what I wanted out of this mess.


As usual, spoilers after this, so watch the episode first.



Hani dating Hong Jin Ho certainly was something.

Anyway, I figured it was Jang Jin just based on circumstantial evidence even before the murder “weapon” was found, but initially I was thinking that the producers were fucking with the professor by not revealing the murder weapon, at least until they actually discovered it at the last moment.

Also, while Pyo Chang Won got Jang Jin as the murderer correct, for the first vote I got the feeling that the professor was doing his job CORRECTLY for a real-life case in terms of deduction and not jumping to conclusions based on things that haven’t been found yet, but one has to sort of go into this assuming things like: 1) case won’t be straightforward 2) you have a finite amount of suspects 3) everything is planted purposefully. Voting Hani made logical sense at that point as she was the last person to see the victim alive, but it was pretty clear the case wouldn’t be so direct cause it’s a show.

As far as the continuation goes, my main question was: If you stab a guy with the intent to murder, but it turns out he was already dead … do you still go to prison?

Also, Hani’s reaction:

They said that it was 5 AM when they announced the continuation. Good lord.


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