Kim Hyun Joong’s reps admit ex’s pregnancy, now question paternity


Kim Hyun Joong‘s reps have released a statement saying that they now acknowledge that KHJ’s ex is pregnant, but are now questioning the paternity of the child.

“It seems to be true that Ms. Choi is currently pregnant. There was also a medical certificate of pregnancy. However, it is unclear as to the exact time frame when she became pregnant. There is also a problem with the ultrasound photo. When [Ms. Choi] visited the hospital this past March, she went at around 10:40 a.m., and her consultation ended at around 11 a.m. At the time of her visit, the hospital did not give her a sonogram photo, but gave it to her about a week later. The time recorded on the sonogram photo [she presented to us] is marked 11:20 a.m. That time is after Ms. Choi had already left the hospital. Furthermore, her name is not written on the photo. We have requested a proper photo [from Ms. Choi], but she has not given it to us. We have asked her to submit it to the court if the photo is legitimate, but she has not done so. We have suspicions about her alleged pregnancy. Kim Hyun Joong’s statement about taking responsibility for the child, if confirmed to be his biological child, remains unchanged. [Ms Choi] is due in mid-September. Instead of letting go and waiting until then, we thought it would be better to assertively seek confirmation [about the pregnancy], so we have decided to publicly raise our doubts on the situation.”

Is it a valid criticism? I dunno, and apparently only they know whether the kid is his or not, but this just continues a trend of KHJ’s side admitting to stuff they called into question before. Remember, before this they were doing stuff like accusing her of lying about being pregnant, but now they admit to the pregnancy and that there’s a medical certificate to back it, so they’ve moved on to the paternity.

KHJ’s side is so insistent that it’s understandable to wonder if something’s fishy here. But again, given what we know so far, it’s difficult for me to logically defend a stance that his side is in the right when basically everything that’s been admitted and confirmed thus far has supported her narrative. If he’s in the right here, then where are the actual refutations of her evidence? Like didn’t they say they were gonna show the texts were manipulated months ago? Where it at? I don’t get what their plan is other than to keep talking, get people believe it, and hope for a court win on a technicality or something of that nature.

Of course, as others have pointed out to me, perhaps I’ve become too single-minded in my quest for logic. After all, it may not be logic at all, it may just be about KHJ going to the army and his reps trying to cast enough public doubt on this whole incident over the years that he’s gone that people “check out” of it and just place equal blame on both parties. Unfortunately, thus far it seems to be working, as people are now even doubting that she was ever abused despite his numerous texts apologizing for beating her, among other things like … uh … his own words and being fined.

Either way, seems pretty clear that this current pregnancy issue won’t REALLY be resolved until the baby is born in September.


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