Wonder Girls comeback report denied by JYPE … sort of


The Wonder Girls are marching towards a comeback, at least according to one exclusive report. However, in response, JYP Entertainment issued a statement, though it wasn’t quite a denial.

The report said that the members wrapped up recording their comeback song and are set to film their music video soon, which would put their hypothetical release date around August or so. Most importantly, the story said that Sunye and former member Sunmi would be involved in the comeback.

JYPE’s statement is a half-rebuttal and half-cryptic phrasing, so take from that what you want.

“Nothing related to Wonder Girls’ comeback has been decided. We are aware that Sunye has returned to Korea for personal reasons. It is not for the preparation of Wonder Girls’ comeback.”

I mean, technically JYPE didn’t say it wasn’t happening, just that nothing has been decided yet. As such, feel free to keep hope alive. Personally, I’d rather they reunite all seven current and former members since they’re all still apparently in contact and/or friends anyway. Plz.


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