[Update] Sulli leaving f(x) to become actress, according to reports + SME denies


Goddess Sulli will be leaving f(x) but will be sticking with SM Entertainment to pursue a career as an actress, according to multiple reports. And thus, rumors of Sulli’s return appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

SME has just been made aware of the reports and has issued the statement: “We have not seen the articles stating that Sulli is withdrawing from f(x). We are currently checking into whether or not it is true, and will make a statement after sorting it out.

On one hand, it would’ve been awesome to have Sulli just waltz back into f(x) and resume like nothing ever happened just to piss off as many people as possible. On the other hand, now she has more time to do more photoshoots like this.

Win-win, really.


SME denied that anything is finalized, though it was a relatively vague statement.

Regarding the reports and rumors today of f(x)’s Sulli withdrawing from the group, Sulli’s withdrawal has not been decided. The decision regarding future team promotions will be carefully made.


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