Hyosung tries to do Sunhwa/Hana damage control, but Sunhwa blows it up


SECRET‘s Hyosung tried valiantly to do damage control on ‘Radio Star‘ for the supposed Sunhwa/Hana beef, but Sunhwa didn’t have much interest in that and decided to blow the shit wide open again.

Hyosung did her best to downplay everything, offering, “When [Sunhwa] posted the tweets, I was working, but when I saw it later in the evening, it really surprised me. It’s not something she wrote at Hana, but something she wrote because she didn’t want people to misunderstand her drinking habits.

Reasonable take, and a solid public relations move to downplay it in a believable matter. Impressive job.

The only problem is that Sunhwa got back on Twitter and started firing again, saying, “I was about to fall asleep, but now I’m wide awake … That’s not it though.

Unless you believe this was a random thought that she happened to express right after the show aired, that was certainly directed to Hyosung’s comments.

I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, but the logical thing would be for Sunhwa to just say what she’s thinking … which means I hope she doesn’t because this constant lingering drama is golden.


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