Black Nut’s epic pantsless ‘Show Me The Money 4’ audition for Zico


Everybody was waiting for Black Nut‘s audition for Zico on ‘Show Me The Money 4‘, and now we’ve finally got it.

Why does anybody else even try?

Black Nut introduced himself as Beenzino, and then:

Who are you to judge me? (parody of Jessi lmao)
To be honest, you’re not even better than me
But when you’re holding that necklace in front of me,
things change. I’m begging you man (touches him LOL)
My name is Black Nut. Stupid people into hip-hop all know me.
But the audience are laughing at me, why is Yang Sanggook here? (he’s a comediannn)
Show me the money! PD, give me some money
After I rob this place, I’m gonna go on Dancing 9 and dance
Black Nut, no one can face me
Like my name, if anyone tries to fight me, they’ll get ruined (??? this part was censored so idk)

Everybody else go home.


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Thot Leader™