Artsy Fartsy: Cokejazz & Hoody’s “Blue Horizon”, and the creative directors behind it


Hoody and producer Cokejazz are relatively new on the scene, but they’ve teamed up for a music video with creative directors August Frogs, and it’s called “Blue Horizon“.

Some of you may not be aware of August Frogs, but they are the creative directors behind Zico’s “Tough Cookie“, Crush’s “Hug Me“, and Jay Park’s “On It“. So as you can probably guess, they are pretty into all the sweg. This time though they’ve stepped away from their ultimate sweggy ways and have focused on more of an artsy video instead.



Looking at all the videos they’ve made, they prefer an orange and blue filter with some impressive lights, and they’ve made that their production style. This could be the reason why a lot of “hip-hop” group music videos have this ongoing theme of an “I want to stab out my eyes” colour palette, with Monsta X’s “Trespass” being the latest example.


That said, the “Blue Horizon” music video actually fits the song. Just like “Gondry“, it’s memorable because the song and the art direction fit together. I wouldn’t say this was influenced by “Gondry”, but there’s a definite influence behind that type of aesthetic within current modern art trends, or at least we’re heading that direction now. My thoughts on that trend is that it’s a much more impressive swag than sitting in a cookie tub at least.

Hell, speaking of trends, even the album artwork screams collage art, which is very trendy right now:


So while August Frogs may not be an obvious candidate for an article like this due to their previous superficial efforts, “Blue Horizon” showed a different type of potential and puts them on a list of creative directors to look out for going forward.

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