BTS’s J-Hope dances “Ice Cream Cake”, “Ah Yeah”, “Touch My Body” on ‘YamanTV’


Is ‘YamanTV‘ the best idol-related variety show? I dunno but it’s up there with ‘Weekly Idol‘ for me, just for the fact that it’s basically two groups attention whoring. It cuts through all the bullshit and just says to random idols to do their random charm points and be as ridiculous as possible in a desperate effort to win over the public for increased popularity and therefore increased profits.


I dig it.

On that note, here’s BTS‘s J-Hope shamelessly dancing to “Ice Cream Cake“, “Ah Yeah“, and “Touch My Body“.

And because that wasn’t enough, he twerked as well.

Well … “twerked” or had a full-body seizure, I’m not sure.


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