Okasian & others freak out about Dok2 dissing “It G Ma”, so they are about to pillow fight


In a recent interview with Complex, Dok2 said a lot of stupid shit which I’ll probably cover later in Around The Web, but the thing that’s been getting press from the interview is a diss from Dok2 to “It G Ma” and The Cohort.

It’s not a hit yet if it ain’t making at least $100,000. If it’s popping, you got to get rich off that shit.

Keith Ape, Okasian, and the rest of The Cohort (JayAllDay, Loota, KOHH) were the ones on the song, and they basically all went on Instagram to bitch at Dok2, and related artists from Hi-Lite Records also got in on the action to defend the honor of “It G Ma”.

Of course, like true thugs, most of them ended up deleting their Instagram posts before I could capture them, but I did catch Okasian and B Free‘s responses, both of whom regrammed a capture of the interview in question.

Okasian: “wat kind of fuckboy logic is this?? itgma was up for free for the fans not the money..we do this for the youth. mind ur own fuckin business #itgma

B Free: “Bruh wtf ??? Do i smell jealousy? #warready


A few things:

1) Does Okasian even know what fuckboy means or does he just hear black people saying it and figured “this must be the word to use”?

What does it mean? Know Your Meme actually has a solid answer: “used as a pejorative toward men who are perceived as oversexed or disrespectful toward women.

Also, for lulz:


Basically, unless he’s calling Dok2 thirsty for pussy or a hypocritical sexist in his quote, Okasian is indeed clueless. I’m also therefore gonna guess that Okasian doesn’t get how ironic it is for him to be calling somebody else a fuckboy (if rumors about his Instagram thirst are to be believed).

2) B Free is literally using the same argument against Dok2 (“U JEALOUS BRO?!”) that he whined about stupid BTS fans using against him.


3) B Free tagged his response with “#warready”. Are you fucking … really? More like Charmin ultra soft pillow fights ready.

Then again, Dok2’s logic IS incredibly stupid, so I would be fine if they actually decided they wanted to do something and started shooting. Okasian, B Free, and Keith Ape versus Dok2 and … Nicole Scherzinger in a fight to the death.

Do it.


Sometimes I feel like I’m being too harsh on some of the hardest trying Asian rappers out there (DON MILLS! DON MILLS! DON MILLS!), but boy they make it easy to see through the fake shit. How bad is it? They made me defend Dok2, and I hate his fucking act and his terrible rapping.


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