U-KISS’s Kevin has creepy I-netizen stalker digging into his family history & a supposed GF


Honestly, I have no damn idea where this story came from, but a user on EntAsia last night posted up two threads about U-KISS‘s Kevin: one did creepily detailed detective work to suss out that he had a girlfriend, and the other involved digging into his personal history and that of his family.

So … yeah.

You can read all of it in the screencaps below, but lines of note in the posts include:

-“By sharpening the reflection in his sunglasses, you can see…”

-“Clearly they are car dating and Kevin is a little ho because he pretends like he’s all innocent but HE ISN’T. HE IS A LYING, GOOD FOR NOTHING, GARBAGE BAG.”

-“So I’ve always been interested in things like which hospital Kevin was born in, what church was he baptized in, etc.”

-“I contacted the newspaper in his local town where he claimed to be born, called all Baptist churches (because that’s his denomination of Christianity), contacted the hospital in his city and the surrounding cities…”

-“So then I used a credit card and I signed up for a free trial on one of those ancestry sites…”

-“I found a lot of information, such as Kevin’s dad’s naturalization records, his sister’s birth certificate, his parent’s marriage license, etc.”

-“So basically Kevin is a pathological liar (he even lied about doing choir in high school in the US). I think we should all bully him out of ukiss like how knetz bullied poor dongho out of the group.”

The best/worst part? As the person admits at the end, it doesn’t seem like the only accusation that matters (military service) is actually relevant anyway. Kevin is not gonna be able to get out of military service by allegedly lying about his birthplace. So at best, the most that’s been revealed here is that Kevin is dating some random girl and that he was not actually born in America.

How do you spend all that time and effort to come up with nothing controversial of note?

Of course, this is so ridiculous and over-the-top that I suspected it might be parody or trolling, but even if it were, it’s still almost as bad because this “story” has been drawn out by this netizen for a while now over multiple threads.


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