A Pink’s “LUV” becomes Seoul gay pride parade anthem, Christian group says it will rain gays


It’s been quite an adventure to get the 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival off the ground, but the parade eventually did go on despite attempts to stop it. That was fortunate for numerous other important reasons, but I feel like everybody needs to know that A Pink‘s “LUV” is now gay pride parade anthem or something.

Something amusing about turning a generic oppa-bait song about love and turning it into loud chants in the face of “traditional” protesters.

Speaking of that, by far the best part of the parade was this quote from an anti … everything Christian group.

“Our prayers will open the sky and the homosexuals will fall, we will be blessed with victory,” said Lee Young-hoon, head of the anti-LGBTQ organization Christian Council of Korea, Buzzfeed reported.

So you will pray to God, and in return he will open up a gaping asshole in the sky and gay people will fall out of it? Sort of sounds like the music video “It’s Raining Men” always wanted to be, not a homophobe’s paradise.


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