Male sasaeng allegedly going around stalking girl groups like CLC, EXID, A Pink


A male sasaeng is under fire on Instiz for basically being a creep and stalking girl groups at their dorms and basically everywhere.

I don’t know how he found out where CLC’s dorm is, but he waited in front and when Yoojin came out, he pretended that he ran into her coincidentally and asked for a picture.. the girl looks terrified..

Besides CLC, other groups mentioned include EXID, A Pink, and Fiestar among others.


One particular alleged incident involved him showing up at the funerals of Ladies’ Code‘s Eunbi and Rise to ask for pictures. Which, uh, if true … yikes.


Honestly though? I’m surprised we don’t hear about this more. I know K-pop in general is tuned for fangirls and all that, but there’s still a decent amount of male fans, so it would seem like we’d hear more stories about over-the-top male fans doing ridiculous shit like this (like beyond being upset Suzy is dating or whatever).


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