Nine Muses “Hurt Locker” MV making-of & glorious #Hashtag interview


We’ve already established that Nine Muses‘ “Hurt Locker” is the jam of the summer and winner of the girl group war, but thanks to the making-of music video footage, I’ve learned it could’ve been even better.

I saw this part…


…and thought to myself, “I swear I didn’t see that.” After I went back to watch the MV, I realized it’s because they didn’t include it.

Why the fuck not? Was an awesome shot.


Speaking of awesome, here’s their #Hashtag interview.

Quit drinking?



Right guys? Guys? … Guys?


How the fuck does Heechul know every girl group? Dude is either swimming in vagina or is everybody’s gay best friend, I can’t figure it out.

Anyway, between their songs and looks and personas/variety skills, the only thing possible to conclude is that Nine Muses would be a lot better off if Star Empire Entertainment wasn’t a dumpster fire of failure.


Oh yeah, since I’m worshipping this comeback, feel free to support them and order their album.


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