Black Nut disses all the judges, wants fangirls, is glorious on ‘Show Me The Money 4’


Show Me The Money 4‘, like previous seasons of ‘Show Me The Money‘, lacks the drama and entertainment aspect a lot of the time, and it’s not really an actual competition of rap skills, so there’s generally little to attach me to it (remember, I only watched ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ after Jessi went nuts) … except for Black Nut so far, who commands the attention of everybody and everything when he’s on the set/stage/alive.

For the his 60-second second-round performance, he called the judges Mnet puppets who didn’t matter, dissed each one individually based on their pasts, then apologized, said he just wants fangirls, and that Mino‘s gonna win anyway.

No way they let him win, but I’ll keep track of the show for his clips for as long as he goes on:

this is a rap that respects all of you guys
All the rappers sitting there,
scowling at me like I’m a rapist or something
But you guys are just dentists to me
I’ll lay here comfortably and leave my yellow teeth to y’all
You guys are not the ones judging me anyway
The audience in front of the TV are the ones to judge me
You guys are just some puppets placed in front of me by the producers
A yo Jinusean, this is not Totoga from Infinite Challenge (Program that had all the old artists from back in the day)
Don’t show off your out-of-trend style, you might die doing that
Tablo hyung, who’s next to them,
I’m a nuisance to you more than ‘whatbecomes’ (ID of the person who posted libel about Tablo’s college education)
Verbal Jint, I’m a retard that you hate,
but I’ll keep going up up up up with my rap
Hey, go buy some bread for me, rap nerd (Reference to B free’s diss to San E)
Paloalto who’s next to him (San E) is just sitting there fake coughing, trying to avoid you (Paloalto is in the label HILITE RECORDS with B Free and B Free dissed San E, and they’re both on SMTM4 as producers). (It’s not that serious actually lol nice edit mnet)
Jay Zico Loco, wow my mouth hurts
I’m going to take all your fangirls
Don’t press the fail button, watch out for your fingers
Like San E’s fingers when he bowed (he had his middle fingers out lmao) to his audience
I’m just kidding these lyrics are all a joke
Please let me pass to 3rd auditions Show me the money 4~~~
I want to become famous and take all the girls for myself
I don’t want anything more than that, Song Minho’s gonna win anyway

It’s actually even better when they show the reactions of the judges to his performance.


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