The demo for SNSD’s “You Think” sounds amazing and terrible, and I can’t wait


Since nothing SM Entertainment puts out is done in-house, we frequently get to hear demos of their artists’ songs in advance, and SNSD‘s upcoming single, “You Think“, is no exception.

Here’s the demo with SAARA singing over it:

Basically all SME need to do is not fuck it up. The song is fire through the first chorus, and my main worry is that SAARA should really be given the song, as I’m not sure if SNSD are really gonna bring a distinctive twang and hit the lower registers. I’m sure they’ll be fine for the chorus and the higher pitches, but the demo itself sets a high bar, and I do hope they don’t screw it up.

I also enjoyed the bridge as a change of pace, but after the first chorus, please … THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT … for the love of god just don’t put that rap in there. PLEASE. SM Entertainment. PLEASE. You know Tiffany‘s “swag” is like Sweet Valley High trying to be hood, right?

Kill the rap verse, save the world. Or something.

Seriously though, as I assumed from the teaser, the song has a ton of potential because the beat is amazing and I love the chorus, but they need to not screw this, and if I hear Tiffany rapping for a whole verse, I’m turning it off.


A backup in case that video gets deleted like the SoundCloud was:


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