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KPOPALYPSE: Learn how to be an iljin.


Yellow Slug Reviews: theyellowslug came up with basically the same conclusion as me in regards to Girl’s Day‘s “Ring My Bell“.

Yellow Slug Reviews: Same as above except in regards to SNSD‘s “Party.


Beyond Hallyu: This review of the book ‘Hello I Love You‘ about yellow fever love is absolutely hilarious.

Look at this shit:

And finally, the book is named after a song by The Doors. Grace and Jason make a solemn vow to “introduce Korea to The Doors.” Not only are Koreans aware of a band that broke up 42 years ago, but the country has its own rich history of psychedelic rock. In a move that’s appropriate for all the wrong reasons, the song “Hello, I Love You” is use as an expression of the sincere feelings between Grace and Jason. Stout believes it’s a romantic song, when it really is Jim Morrison lasciviously describing and propositioning an anonymous woman. This book also posits love where it is more like an uncomfortable, objectifying crush.



mutzine: Hey, remember that Primary music video “Mannequin and how it was all artsy and used up-and-coming fashion designers? Well you can read about those designers in this feature.


Complex: While I respect the business acumen of Dok2, in terms of rapping he basically admits to just biting whatever American hip-hop trend/flow is hot. I assumed that to begin with, but for him to just wave it off like it’s expected is … certainly something.

MAC Cosmetics: A Kyary Pamyu Pamyu interview, and I’m betting you can guess what about.


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