Mino in a ‘Show Me The Money 4’ lyrics “controversy”, though I don’t know why


WINNER‘s Mino is caught in a “controversy” over his lyrics during the third round of ‘Show Me The Money 4‘, though I’m not sure what the deal is.


At one point in his verse, he says something like: “Mino’s coming for your daughters, everybody spreads legs like at the OB/GYN.

And if you’re like me, your reaction was something like, “…Okay?”

But basically, here’s the score: Korean netizens are angry about the OB/GYN play on words in regards to getting girls to spread their legs for him because it sexualizes the visit/profession. International netizens are mad because they’re pretending to “get” the Korean netizen outcry or because they think he’s referring to attacking girls.

I’m not a mind-reader in terms of Mino’s intent, but I’m not sure either criticism really makes sense. The OB/GYN line was just a standard “I have sex with lots of women” wordplay that you can find basically anywhere. Would it be a problem if Cheetah came out and said she makes all the men jizz and added a prostate exam reference? No, I think it would be hilarious and clever, so I really don’t get the backlash to this. I have to assume the only reason this is an issue is because he’s an idol, because others on the same show did worse.

For the international netizen concerns, well there’s shit like this:


1) It doesn’t even make sense.

2) You’re not Korean, so stop trying with that “KEKEKE OPPAR DAEBAK ~SSI ~YA ~AH” shit. My god.

3) From the context of the lyrics, I don’t think he was doing anything else but making a sex joke, and he wasn’t referencing literally attacking women.


Anyway, I don’t get this at all, so to sum up I give you one title of an article on this which is like “Mino’s horrifying lyrics controversy“. Emphasis mine.


Are we really? Are we? Really?



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