Kim Hyun Joong’s ex lied about miscarriage, but received 2 injury certificates, says report


The Kim Hyun Joong saga took another turn today after a report said that his ex, who had previously claimed that she had a previous pregnancy by him and a miscarriage as a result of his abuse, had actually never been pregnant. However, clinical records also showed that she had received two injury certifications, one for two weeks and one for six weeks, both after saying she had been injured by somebody else.

According to documents provided by the clinic, Kim Hyun Joon’s ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, received an ultrasound on May 20 of last year, which did not show any signs of pregnancy. Neither did a June 13, 2014 medical record show any presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, which is produced during pregnancy.

While it’s somewhat surprising, this was not unexpected.

Yes, given the text message evidence, it seemed likely that something happened between the two of them during that time period, but in the court of law, text messages aren’t sufficient to prove a case. When the text messages were the only evidence we had to go on, I personally had to lean to her side, but the general lack of hard evidence provided on this pregnancy/miscarriage issue is exactly why I said this was far murkier than the other points of contention and that it’s possible this part was a fabrication. And if we are to believe this media report, then it certainly seems like she basically tried to get a bigger payday out of him and fuck his life up even further.

Safe to say that has backfired now, and this will play a significant role in the dueling lawsuits the pair have filed against each other. I’m interested to see her side’s response to this, because as of now, his side has been the only one to provide hard evidence in regards to the past pregnancy/miscarriage dispute. While her anger/motivation to do this was understandable to an extent, it also may have just lost her a lawsuit.


The interesting thing is that Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers just couldn’t take that win alone, and also released reports from orthopedic clinics regarding his ex’s injuries, but I don’t think it shows what they believe it does.

“B” orthopedic clinic also provided evidence to Kim Hyun Joong’s rep, which showed that on May 31, 2014, Ms. Choi told the doctor that she was hit by someone ,and she received a diagnosis of a two-week treatment. On June 25, 2014, Ms. Choi told the doctor at the clinic that she bumped into a machine at the gym and she received a six-week treatment diagnosis. On August 18, 2014, Ms. Choi visited “B” clinic again and she received an injury certificate for her two-week treatment injury, but didn’t received on for her six-week one. “C” orthopedic clinic was another place that evidence was requested from and in the clinic’s documents, Ms. Choi visited the clinic on August 18, 2014- the same day she visited “B”- and told the doctor that she was hit by someone. X-rays were taken and she received a six-week treatment injury certificate from the “C” clinic.

They’re trying to frame this like she’s lying about getting hit another time because she changed her story to the clinic, but that doesn’t pass the sniff test for me. People lie about how they got an injury all the time for a variety of reasons, and this is especially true for victims of domestic violence, whether it be man, woman, or child. So to me, all this really provides to us is that she did legitimately have two (or maybe three) serious injuries within the time that she said Kim Hyun Joong had abused her.


What essentially seems to have been shown now is that the previous pregnancy and miscarriage never existed and was not a result of his abuse, but the multiple abuse and serious injury claims are supported by her clinic visits.

In any case, I wanted some evidence from his side to contradict her general narrative, and they provided it, so it’s only fair now to question her other claims that haven’t already been supported by evidence. Yes, absolutely, the reality that he’s an admitted abuser and that medical records show it likely happened multiple times still makes him a shitty guy and everything that comes with it, but I do think this report casts a lot more doubt on things like the paternity of her current pregnancy. The upside is that at least we know that saga will eventually have an ending in September.


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