NS Yoon G got accused of fabricating her UCLA education by an idiot + savage netizens


NS Yoon G recently had to defend her education background against a netizen that accused her of fabricating her time at UCLA.

NS Yoon-G replied to a netizen’s tweet that reads, “I hope you straighten out your university education background so that all of your efforts until now don’t crumble at once. I really hope something you’ll regret greatly later on does not happen.”

In response, the singer tweeted back, “I have never lied about my educational background. Just as it states on my profile, I was admitted into and attended University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before I came out to Korea for my debut. Please don’t leave messages like this.”


Normally, this could be dismissed as just a typical dumb thing from random dumb people, but given the Tablo/Taijinyo/Stanford mess, I just hope it doesn’t escalate into something of that nature. Fortunately, at least for now, it seems like netizens are backing her, including these two absolutely savage comments.

4. [+40, -7] She has pictures of when she was a homecoming queen at UCLA and stuff.. tons of evidence that she was a student there so people better not spout bullshit. Tablo had proof that he attended Stanford too so don’t anyone dare turn this into a second Tajinyo scandal. Just admit that you’re jealous of her and blame your own self esteem issues instead of taking it out on her.

5. [+37, -9] Fighting.. please get popular… Watching her is like watching someone use a Benz to mow a field… breaks my heart.


For me though, the best part about this is the accusation that a California resident would need to be lying about getting into a public university like UCLA. Don’t get me wrong, UCLA is a good school, but this is sort of like witch-hunting a Korean-American from Florida getting into the University Of Florida or something. Like … it’s not a huge accomplishment, how is this something that people just can’t believe or think is worth lying about?



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