Super Junior provide fanservice and want to sex white women in “Devil”


Super Junior released “Devil” just moments ago, and the concept of the music video is basically they want to look and be cool and bone white wimmens.

People get mad when I don’t like Super Junior stuff, but I honestly feel like most of their stuff is literally not for me because I’m not in their fandom. For a while now it seems like they’ve just mainly been mailing in these semi-embarrassing concepts because they’ve become sort of a fanservice group. I know they’ve always been like that to an extent, but at least before I felt like the songs were at least targeted to gain new fans or to come up with something different for a different market. Now it’s like they just come up with the cheesy cosplay concept of the month and stick a generic song on top and wait for fandom to squirt over it.

Watching this is what it must be like being a straight woman, non-fan of SNSD watching “Party“. There’s this basic song playing and it’s fanservicey and lots of people are screaming variations of “well damn, they’re hot”, but you can’t REALLY appreciate the visuals, so why are you even watching it really?

That’s me with a lot of Super Junior releases.


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