G-Friend wreck J-pop and/or A Pink with the song they both want to make, “Me Gustas Tu”


G-Friend have returned with “Me Gustas Tu” to show A Pink and J-pop how it’s done, and the title is a result of K-pop running out of bad English, so revolutionaries G-Friend are ahead of the curve and have dedicated themselves to fucking up Spanish first.

Oh hey, look, here’s the comeback A Pink has been looking for over the past three years, and what J-pop girl groups/AKB48 have been looking for over the past decade. It includes all the basic similar elements, with the nostalgia and 90s vibe, the glossy music video, and “innocent” concept. Hell, they even have one members who stands out vocally. The difference, for me, is that the arrangement and composition of the song is much improved, the choreography and execution is much better, and it’s not a slow, boring ballad-esque mess. In terms of concept and execution, it’s hard to think of much better.

That said, I do question how much replay value this will have later, and we’ll see when I hear it on radio or something in a month or so, but right now it’s hard to be too critical since this is what I’ve been asking for from this concept for a while.


While I honestly still don’t really know who is who in the group — and given that they all might be fetuses that’s probably the best thing — between “Glass Bead” and this, G-Friend are doing an amazing job of filling a void in the upbeat, non-basic innocent concept.


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