Tao releases his mini-album ‘T.A.O’, which shades the fuck out of EXO & SME


Tao made his solo return with the mini-album ‘T.A.O‘, but everything is getting removed from YouTube by SM Entertainment. So thank god SoundCloud exists, I guess.

You guys can give opinions on the music, but the only thing I care about is that the lyrics to “T.A.O” shade the fuck out of EXO and SME.

I believe in my persistence, I believe in my option, At the leaving moment, I understand the so-called freedom, When I’m walking out alone, I know the reason why.

The time I have wasted, The life that can’t be brought back, The memories of the past, I don’t want to think about it anymore, One love? Where is it? Tried to find it, but found nothing. True heart for true heart? Can it even be trusted? Where is it? Where is it?

The clock rewinds back to the middle, Then back again to the beginning, But I am who I am, You hate me hate me hate me cause of everything I am, But you love me love me love me cause of everything I am.

Is this the best idol diss track single since “Keep Your Head Down“? Yes, yes it is. Does it matter whether he’s justified in believing this? No, no it doesn’t.

This is amazing.

Tao is one weeping music video away from legend status in my book.



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