Ex-Topp Dogg member Leon talks racial/physical/verbal abuse from member & company


Former Topp Dogg member Leon AKA Cavan Chen posted a rant on Instagram yesterday, detailing the racial abuse he suffered while in Stardom Entertainment and how one Topp Dogg member in particular, along with Topp Dogg managers, put him through physical and verbal abuse.


In case he deletes the picture, the caption in English reads: “Even though I have kept quiet for a long time, I have a confession. To the people who are curious about my abrupt departure from TD-G here is my story. As a foreigner in K-Pop I faced a lot of racism and hardships during my time in SE. Constant verbal abuse and physical assault from a TD-G member and managers left me quite depressed and made me change my mind about wanting to debut in Korea. I felt very alone during my time there, and didn’t feel happy while doing what should of made me the happiest. I didn’t get to go to Beijing and left abruptly which is why information on me just ended. I’m not saying SE is a bad company, there were a few staff members and TD family members who are truly great people and it’s a shame that things had to end the way they did. Though I felt a lot of regret and sadness at first, I am extremely blessed to be where I am now and grateful for the past experiences I’ve had in SE. I’m in a great company now and I’m working even harder to my dream and future debut. Please support me and also TD in our future activities! #confessions #strongerthanever #practicinghard #화이팅 #잘할거야

Don’t know if this is true, don’t know who the alleged member is, and don’t know who the alleged managers are. However, I would say that it’s to the point where I would be more shocked if anything negative regarding Stardom Entertainment WASN’T true.


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