Ask Asian Junkie: Difference between Lee Jung Hee & Kim Hyun Joong?


The totally not hardcore or insane fans of Kim Hyun Joong have asked what the difference is between his case and Lee Jung Hee‘s.

so you guys having reasonable takes on lee jung hee but saying all of shit about kim hyung joon??
lol how hypocrite of you 🙂

Well … yes? It’s actually quite simple.

Lee Jung Hee’s husband was branded a kidnapper, sexual abuser, and cult-like figure with power to control the government. Her husband did not admit to any of this*, and recent revelations have cast doubt onto the validity of Lee Jung Hee’s whole story. Kim Hyun Joong was branded a domestic abuser by his ex-girlfriend. Kim Hyun Joong admitted to being just that, thus people judged him as one.

*The husband apparently did admit to abuse, which led to the divorce ruling. So if the campaign was to expose him as an abuser, I’d be fine with that as well. But that was obviously not what this #HelpLeeJungHee stuff was about.

As for everything else the ex has accused Kim Hyun Joong of, I’ve warned against concluding anything for sure. Yes, I think it’s likely that the kid is his and I think it’s likely that Kim Hyun Joong hit her more than once, but do I know for sure in those cases? No. And I even agree that her previous pregnancy and miscarriage accusation is now very much in doubt because the evidence appears to bear that out. Again though, unlike in the Lee Jung Hee case, Kim Hyun Joong has already admitted to the wrongdoing that I’m calling him an asshole for.

My conclusion about Kim Hyun Joong is literally based on what came out of his own mouth. This is not difficult to understand, I don’t think. I realize you’re desperate for anything to justify your boner for domestic abusing oppar, but this isn’t anywhere close to an apples-to-apples comparison. It’s like asking why I judge a guy who pleaded guilty to murder but am not judging the guy who is still on trial for murder and just had the story of the only witness against him get destroyed by the defense.

Don’t worry though, you can still be Kim Hyun Joong’s fan. Tons of abusive, shitty celebrities go on to have successful careers thanks to fans like you. Have fun.


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