Let’s talk about foundation as an excuse to post Heechul pics & him on ‘Get It Beauty’


Foundation is probably the single most frustrating make up product because, if you fail at it, people will be able to tell from a mile away (if you don’t believe me just go through the “Hyuna” tag and read the comments). So getting it right is important, especially for public figures.

The most annoying thing I continually read that’s accepted as “right” about foundation is this never-dying belief that if you have a cool undertone your foundation should have a cool undertone. Or even worse: that pink-based foundation is preferred over yellow-toned foundation in all cases.

I always thought there was something wrong with this idea, just based on the evidence that it looks like shit. But what really convinced me is something Sali Hughes says in her book “Pretty Honest”, and it simply comes down to looking at yourself under the light of a candle: your skin looks healthier, no matter your undertone.


I wouldn’t have much of a problem if random YouTubers went around spreading this misinformation, but when makeup artists say it … ugh.



You won’t be able to see the difference in tone while watching this because of the strong studio lighting, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a good look in person: adding a pink, translucent base to a yellow-toned skin will give anyone a zombie effect that ain’t cute. Also, mixing your foundation with powder to tint it can work for small areas, but if you use it all over your face you are going to have a bad time.

As far as advice goes, yikes.


Honestly, writing this article was an excuse to feed my recent (and shameful) obsession with Heechul, who appeared in a ‘Get It Beauty‘ episode last year when Jaekyung was an MC #Justice4Jaekyung2K15. Ironically, he was there to give the audience dating advice. I say ironically, because relationships aren’t really his thing.

Heechul (1) Heechul (2)

The entire episode can be summed up to this:

Heechul (3)

You can watch the whole thing on Soompi or here if you are not in the United States. Just don’t take the shitty advice about foundation.

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