Kim Hyun Joong’s ex provides more texts, calls out his lawyer + her alleged identity


The ex of shitty human Kim Hyun Joong has come out with more texts in order to correct the narrative Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers were trying to spin.

Choi stated, “Lee Jae Man says that Kim Hyun Joong and I have already separated after July 10, so I sent the messages from July 9 and 10. On July 9 [Kim Hyun Joong] sent, ‘Clean up the room. Buy some makeup. I’ll be there at 6:30,’ and on July 10, Kim Hyun Joong ate out with his actor friends. I even drove him to the meeting place. That’s why there were talks that ‘Kim Hyun Joong arrived first.’ At the time I was on my third day of surgery for my abortion. I spent most of my time at Kim Hyun Joong’s place and took care of my body. Kim Hyun Joong called over a female star that day and [having thought that I had gone home] he was shocked so he got violent.”

July 9

Choi: I want to eat some XX
Kim: Sh*t always looking for expensive things. Okay we’re eating out today.
Choi: Yaayyy we’re eating out today
Kim: Put your makeup on and wait for me
Kim: Clean up your room a bit too.
Choi: Do my makeup and I will clean up hehe
Kim: You sound excited. I made a reservation for 7:30. Buy some makeup before then. Everything ran out.
Choi: Oppa, okay, when are you getting here?
Kim: 6:30 how many times do I have to tell you

July 10

Choi: Are you the first there?
Kim: Yeah, I’m the first.
Choi: You alone?
Kim: No, with X hyung.

She then proceeded to question the rationale that only Kim Hyun Joong’s representatives should be allowed to go to the press.

She pointed out, “[Lee Jae Man] asked why I revealed the texts to the media; it’s the same as Lee giving an interview for the press. So the attorney can talk to the media and I can only talk in court?”

She concluded by launching into a long dressing down of the lawyer regarding her current pregnancy and his continued attempts to convince the public that the baby doesn’t exist. She pointed out that in order for her to not be pregnant, the doctors would have to be in on a conspiracy, Kim Hyun Joong’s own public statement in January acknowledging the baby would have to be a lie, and that Kim Hyun Joong texting her lawyer in March about the baby would have to have been for no apparent reason.


It’s amazing the amount of arguments being made by his side that are readily disproved not by using any type of narrative building or logic, but just his own damn words.


Anyway, the legal case is honestly not really important to me other than hoping she wins for whatever she’s telling the truth about. The two will continue to go back and forth over legal technicalities or whatever, so I’ll continue to cover it, but it’s not like any of this makes Kim Hyun Joong not a terrible person in the end.


Going in another direction, I have recently seen the ex’s alleged identity emerging in comments/forums/social media, so I figured I should address it. Yes, I’ve known who his ex allegedly is. No, I’m not posting it unless it becomes widespread public knowledge because I’m not contributing to the harassment of her from dumbass fans. No, you should not speculate or comment about that here either.



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