STELLAR troll by releasing ‘pure cute’ dance practice of “Vibrato”


STELLAR have decided to maximize their trolling by releasing a dance practice video called the “pure cute” version of “Vibrato“.

But do they know it’s tongue-in-cheek? Well, besides the fact that they can barely contain their laughter…




…oh yeah, they know the score.

The best part about this is that it doesn’t sell sex any less than their original choreography did, nor are their outfits any less racy. The difference is just that instead of being upfront with it like “let’s fuck”, now it’s couched in innocence like “oppa shall we participate in coitus?” Whatever you prefer is fine, but convincing yourself that what’s being marketed is any different in the end is lying.

People going around saying they “prefer this version better” for moral reasons is hilarious.


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