Hip-hop clown Keith Ape got wrecked by TakeOne for saying Korean rap sucks


About a month ago Keith Ape, the emaciated pre-cum baby of Korean hip-hop, mentioned in an interview with Complex that he thinks Korean rap sucks. That hasn’t gone over so well for him back in Korea.

“In Korea, there was no crew I’d want to be in besides the Cohort. “Because you know,” he adds, in English: “Korean rap, it sucks. Bad.”

I thought about covering that, but I just made a snarky tweet and generally ignored it. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for all of us, it wasn’t just ignored in Korea, and Korean hip-hop artists and fans took that shit rather personal and have been spreading a diss song directed at Keith Ape.

That diss was performed by respected underground rapper TakeOne, who took the role of molding all the backlash into a track called “Come Back Home“, which was directed at Keith Ape and others in his crew.

‘Come Back Home’*

What am I working hard for to find right now?
Where am I flowing to without a break right now?

Verse 1)
This is the reason why I have to say this
The reason why I always was alone in my school days
The reason why I do not fit into Itaewon
The reason why I am writing this in Korean

The reason why I do not go to Korean churches
The reason why I do not speak English with you
The reason why the gazes on me being like this are different
The reason why I am writing this in Korean

The same skin, the same hair color
How are we different? Still, they want to be different
Actually, they want to hide it, the yellow skin is a weakness
The place where my bones will be buried: the USA

Hook x4)
You must come back home

Verse 2)
The reason why they curse Korean rap, saying it sucks
The reason why the other rappers all have their mouths closed
That is probably the reason why you mix in English
The reason why I am writing this in Korean

Money does not determine who of us is superior to the other
Like out of habit we are still dividing ourselves into classes
As if it was human nature, we repeat mistakes of the past
and start to resemble [the people back then]

History repeats itself
To stand on top, we pull the fingernails of friends
We wanted to become Japanese,
our current goal are the USA

Hook x4)

Verse 3)
Korean hiphop! Korean hiphop!

Where did the rappers go who shouted “Korean hiphop”?
And Jay Allday who’s been talking about Korean hiphop all the time
This time he’s quiet, somehow I don’t know
People nowadays end up approving silence

B-Free who has been enjoying Instagram
is also keeping silent unlike usually***
I saw it, the reality of kimchi rappers
Not all of them are real, they are doing politics

The other rappers are silent
The other rappers are silent
The other rappers are silent


*As the title suggests, the intro (and the hook) is from Seo Taiji and the Boys’ ‘Come Back Home’, a classic and a ‘gangster rap’ song that changed Korean pop music.
**This refers to being subservient to stronger countries in order to gain their approval. Basically calls him a Korean ‘Uncle Tom’.
***He refers to B-Free usually expressing his opinion on Instagram about any incidents in the scene but staying quiet on this one.

This was brutal, accurate, and hilarious.

Not only does it call Keith Ape out for basically being delusional and getting high off his own hype, but it also calls him out for being a wannabe and why that attitude is damaging and lame as fuck. It then details how he basically dissed his own crew, who either have shown a lot of pride in Korean hip-hop or had to “flee” America to make it in Korea because of the exact problems TakeOne is checking in his verses. Then finally he hits out at the fact that his crew is usually happy to go off about anything on social media but wouldn’t address this shit or back him up like they did with the Dok2 and San E beefs, mainly because they know and he knows that he said some dumb shit.

I assume Keith Ape is just gonna take the L on this one, which is probably the best idea, cause a decent response would require him to actually rap something and write lyrics that make sense. He sorta used to do this sometimes, but clearly doesn’t have interest in it anymore now that he’s completely changed everything and has become American hip-hop or whatever.


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