T-ara gloriously drives One Direction fandom to insanity over meaningless poll


Billboard has this fandom war bracket thing on their site, and obviously it’s just a dumb meaningless poll and I wasn’t gonna cover who won or who lost … normally. But this is anything but normal, since T-ara‘s fandom is beating One Direction‘s fandom, and as a result of that the latter fandom is losing their minds over it, doing everything from spamming hate on the T-ara members’ Instagram accounts, making up rumors about T-ara fans cheating, and sobbing to Billboard’s automated phone line.




The tears are so sweet and glorious.

So struck were T-ara fans that they made a music video tribute to the One Direction fandom.


So anyway, take 10 seconds and go vote for T-ara on the dumbass bracket in the hopes that it pisses off the maximum amount of people.

And if One Direction ends up losing, may I suggest that maybe their fans find it in themselves to up their … determination?


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