2015 Idol Star Athletics Championship Summary: Idols are not athletes, so they all die

Bora at the ISAC 2015

There are quite a few things in this world that should never be combined. Dill pickles + milk chocolate, clogs + camo shorts, Jay Park + hep-hap, and most importantly, KPAP + sport.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, the MBC has already filmed their latest installment of the ‘South Korean Hunger Games’™/’Idol Star Athletics Championship‘ and more and more reports are confirming that this year’s ISAC will claim even more casualties than usual.

Being as averse to team sports as I am, I’d like to take this opportunity and honor those who didn’t make it to the end. Imma pour one out for you.

(VIXX) LeoAnkle Injury
(INFINITE) WoohyunShoulder Injury
(INFINITE) SungyeolNeck Injury
(A Pink) HayoungArm Injury
(A Pink) NamjooAnkle Injury
(A Pink) BomiAnkle Injury
(TEEN TOP) NielInjury Injury
(TEEN TOP) ChangjoSame
(GOT7) JacksonAnkle Injury
(SISTAR) BoraAnkle Injury
(SHINee) MinhoMinho
(AOA) SeolhyunKnee Injury
(MAMAMOO) MoonbyulYes


ISAC2015 Memorial

Your efforts shall not be in vain, you fought a good fight.~

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