SNSD drop ho-hum “Lion Heart” MV teaser that’s saved by goddess Yuri


SNSD have now released the music video teaser for their upcoming music video “Lion Heart”…

…it’s aight.

The almost-showtune aspects of “Lion Heart” from the chants of “oh-oh-oh” in the background to SNSD’s wardrobe and set pieces comes through nicely, but the song still sounds a little lackluster from what is shown here. Also, the “girl meets up with unidentifiable boy in various random circumstances” doesn’t make for an inspiring teaser, especially considering that the group had already used a nearly identical conceit for their “I Got A Boy” drama teaser (granted, it’s been a few years, but still).

To the teaser’s credit, Yuri is wisely put front and center for a good portion of it, which was wise because holy hell does she steal the entire teaser. Whoever was in charge of that decision deserves a commendation or something.


Can Yuri just become the new Yoona and be front and center for all non-crucial song parts? Please and thank you.

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