Innovator, Black Nut, Basick tracks highlight ‘Show Me The Money 4’ episode


Show Me The Money 4‘ finally did something that garnered my interest with their recently released tracks from the last show. Three in particular were to my liking, with Innovator, Black Nut, and Basick serving as the main attractions with support from their respective teams.

Innovator Feat. Lee Hi – “More Than A TV Star”

Black Nut Feat. Verbal Jint & San E – “M.I.L.E (Make It Look Easy)”

Basick Feat. Vasco – “GXNZI”

Innovator had the best overall song, but Basick (shockingly!!! … not shockingly) turned in the most impressive performance by a rapper, and while Black Nut was also good, having Verbal Jint to help kill it is sort of unfair.


Anyway, I’m getting a lot of e-mails asking why I stopped covering the show. I didn’t. I said from the start I’d cover the highlights or what I enjoyed … so I haven’t covered it since it became a team battle.

Not to come off like hipster trash, but once it got to that point I already knew almost all the guys in the competition, so there was no new discovery aspect to it, and it’s always been surprisingly light on any interesting drama. Add on that the songs released so far hadn’t really caught my ear and there’s just been no reason to write about it, honestly.

Closest I came to doing an article was to laugh at mad fans after the rap battle episode about their whining over the guys “crossing the line” with their relatively mild diss lyrics and relatively stupid tryhard antics.


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