Seo Ji Soo, the best ever cum in your life, is finally back with Lovelyz

After what seems like forever away from Lovelyz, Seo Ji Soo is going to be joining the group for their latest comeback, presumably so she can give us the best ever cum in our lives.

This decision was initially announced by a picture with eight members…


…and then later revealed with her individual teaser.


As far as any problems with her coming back, it’s hard to see one at the present. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that Seo Ji Soo did anything other than exist, and the only charges that have been filed have come against the people spreading rumors about her.

Plus, you have to figure Woollim Entertainment sticking with her means something. Normally, I would dismiss that as comical, but this is the company that dropped Tablo like a hot potato after accusations that were utterly ridiculous from the get-go emerged, all so they could insulate their company from the risk of damage. Given that history, it would be … odd if they would now re-insert a member that never really debuted, just for the hell of it, if there was any actual risk that she did anything even close to what she was accused of.

And the company and group must’ve known about all this rather early, as Seo Ji Soo apparently never really left Lovelyz.

Q: It must’ve been hard for you to go through such an overwhelming controversy.

Seo Ji Soo: I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. But the other members went through harder times than I did. We all practiced for our showcase even till the day before, but I wasn’t able to debut because that unfortunate thing happened. It was such a sudden event that it affected the members even more. The stage choreography and individual singing parts all had to be rearranged. I felt really bad about the whole thing. I know we all worked hard, but seeing them have to work even harder made it so difficult to watch.

Q: Even after the rumor controversy, we found out that Seo Ji Soo has lived in the same dorm with the other members.

Baby Soul: Ji Soo is the brightest person in our practice room even now. She is naturally energetic and full of smiles, so I was worried about her after that controversy broke out. I know that those scars won’t fully heal even with time. Nevertheless, I felt so proud of her trying to hide her feelings. Reversely, she was the one to lighten the mood whenever we were tired. I feel very thankful for that side of Ji Soo.

Not many are able to come back from a widespread netizen witch hunt. So welcome back, Seo Ji Soo.


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