G-Friend show T-ara levels of determination on slippery stage, end up boosting career

A video of G-Friend performing their flowery jam “Me Gustas Tu” has went viral recently, which at first seems all good until you realize it happened because they continuously fell on the dangerously slippery stage on a rainy night.

When I first read about this story, I wasn’t going to cover it. I thought people were overreacting and being defensive just cause an idol slipped a couple times or something. But after I watched it, I understood.

G-Friend either fell or slipped what seemed like a dozen times, and the worst part is most of the slips weren’t even doing moves that were necessarily hard pivots. Rather, they were just walking or skipping around, which makes you question just how fucking wet the surface was or whether they spilled baby oil all over the stage or something. Even towards the end, when they were conscious of the surface, they couldn’t stop slipping, which really shows how much of a fucked up situation this was.

To their credit, G-Friend showed almost disturbing levels of professionalism by continuing to perform regardless of conditions, especially when they couldn’t have been blamed if they had walked off. But because they would never do that as nugus and teens, their company’s managers should’ve pulled them, as G-Friend were unbelievably fortunate to not have torn a muscle or ligament.

On the bright side, this might be the best thing that happened to them, as their gritty and gutsy display has earned them adoration and led to their video going viral, which has in turn led them to shoot up the charts.

On the plus side, G-Friend deserve it, both for the song and for this effort. On the negative side, watch out for nugu groups media-playing as their companies make sure they throw themselves off stages and shit.


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