BADKIZ release “Come Closer”, which is carried by a Redfoo-inspired sax section

After being unjustly ignored after releasing classics “Ear Attack” and “BABOMBA“, BADKIZ decided to throw caution into the wind and basically take the sax section from Redfoo‘s “New Thang” to make the hook for “Come Closer“.

A bit sped up and a bit higher in pitch? Sure, but it’s not exactly hard to see where the inspiration came from.

That said, am I complaining? No, I fucking love the horn section. That sax absolutely carries the song, really to the point where the verses become irrelevant. The verses just needed to do enough to carry the song from sax to sax, and they almost do it surprisingly well before an odd detour around the two-minute mark, followed immediately by an awkward rap section.

So is it great music? No, but I could find myself listening to this whole thing just for the instrumental, which is at least something. However, it does feel like BADKIZ could have done better than this, especially if they were gonna rip-off the Redfoo song.


As for the music video, BADKIZ have always reminded me of Crayon Pop in a way — though their members don’t stand out besides Monika — and that extends to the low budget glory of the music videos. Crayon Pop shot “Dancing Queen” on some abandoned building roof that was probably a safety hazard, and drop about $200 on the “Bar Bar Bar” abandoned theme park music video. BADKIZ? They shoot their summer bikini comeback in like September with whatever swimsuits the members have, and if it happens to be a dreary, overcast day … well … they’re shooting anyway cause god knows they can’t afford to rent those cameras for another day.

It’s endearing, and amusing in a meta way, and they deserve better, but unlike Crayon Pop, it doesn’t seem like their day in the sun is coming soon. Wish they would’ve stuck to their iljin thug type of concept like Crayon Pop did instead of giving up and going the sexy route, but it’s unfortunately understandable.


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